"Ragged Isle" was created by the husband-and-wife team of Barry Dodd and Karen L. Dodd as a project for their production company, The Entertainment Experiment. The story was conceived by Greg Tulonen, Barry Dodd, Karen L. Dodd, Rick Dalton, and Jacob Lear, with episodes directed by Barry Dodd. It was shot in the summers of 2010 and 2011 and features an all-Maine cast and crew

Drawing inspiration from such cult classics as "The X-Files," "Twin Peaks," and the gothic soap opera "Dark Shadows," "Ragged Isle" has been crafted with genre fans in mind. With more than 30 talented actors and over 20 picturesque Maine locations, this project is as ambitious as anything we have ever seen in an online series.

The show centers on young journalism school graduate Vicki Burke, who has just landed a job at a newspaper on the quiet Maine island of Ragged Isle. She is soon caught up in a mystery involving several deaths by drowning, though the victims' bodies are discovered nowhere near the water, their clothes completely dry. The solution to the puzzle may uncover secrets that have been kept on the island for generations.

We shot the first 10 of 22 planned episodes (season one) during the summer of 2010, and spent the rest of the fall and into the winter editing. The first episode premiered online on March 9, 2011, and a new episode was released each week until our shocker of a season finale aired on May 11, 2011.

We shot seasons two and three (six episodes each) in the summer of 2011. Season two premiered on May 29, 2012, with episodes released every other week. The season finale, featuring another shocking cliffhanger, aired on August 14, 2012.

On September 29, 2013, we screened the "Ragged Isle" season three premiere in London, England as part of the prestigious Raindance Film Festival's first-ever "Web Fest." The third (and final) season debuted online on October 31, 2013. The twenty-second episode (and series finale) debuted at the Alamo Theatre in Bucksport, Maine on October 18, 2014 as part of the 2014 Ghostport Festival. The finale made its online debut on October 31, 2014.

This show has been, and will continue to be, a labor of love. The writers, actors, cast, and crew are fueled by the chance to be a part of something special. Thank you so much for your interest and for spending a few minutes with us. We can't wait to bring you all to the island!


Barry & Karen Dodd
Director / Assistant Director
Co-Owners of The Entertainment Experiment