Cast (in order of appearance)
mbheadshot2 Meghan Benton (Vicki Burke)
Meghan (pronounced "me-in") has worked in film and theatrical productions in London, Los Angeles, and Portland, ME. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Southern Maine. Meghan is currently an active member of MINT Films, which was awarded Best Film in Portland, ME for the international 48 Hour Film Project. MINT's film, A Bounty for Susannah, screened at Filmapalooza at the Miami International Film Festival in March 2011. Meghan is also an artist, specializing in portraits and mixed media.
rachel April Joy Purinton (Rachel Moody)
April, who lives in Harpswell, studied advanced Shakespeare with Morris Carnovsky and Phoebe Brand a lifetime ago in college, and has worked with several area theatres, but remains loyal to Studio Theatre of Bath, a semi-professional company, where she has run the gamut of responsibility from presiding over the Executive Board of Directors, acting, directing, and scrubbing toilets before a show. She is a massage and polarity therapist, and if she can just overcome that pesky need for occasional sleep, will continue to expand her jewelry design business. She is eternally grateful for being part of this wonderful project, yet fears a monster may have been created, as she is ravenous for the next one...

Rick Dalton (Sheriff Rick Dalton)
Rick is a local filmmaker, actor, stand-up comic, singer, and lover of cats. He is currently in post-production of his directorial debut short film, "Between Heaven and Earth," and is looking very forward to presenting it to the world. He has loved every minute of playing Sheriff Dalton. "It has been a rare and thrilling privilege to be involved with a project as fantastic as 'Ragged Isle.' Working with my friends and heroes on this has been simply the best experience a person could have. And the new, talented friends I've met through the show is the greatest gift. It's easy to get behind a project of such quality, and I'm so grateful to Barry, Karen, Greg, and the whole gang for everything that 'Ragged Isle' is!"

Michael Dix Thomas (Eric Burke)
Michael is a Maine native and a founding member of Kill Mike Theater, NYC and Lorem Ipsum, Portland, ME. Michael has worked in front of the camera with both Last House and MINT Films as a part of the Damnationland horror film festival, as well as the feature film, How To Make Movies At Home, with Hillport Maine Productions. Michael is excited about Maine-based film making, and ready to get back to the island.

Ian Carlsen (Paul Soucey)
Ian is a film and stage actor from Portland, ME. Previous film work includes: The Transition of Minor Skies, Strange Night, A Bounty for Susannah, I Built a Time Machine to Kill Hitler, Swamp Goblin, Double Oh! and of course, Death Rides Last. Theater credits: "Equus," "Ubu Roi," "Six Degrees of Separation," "Twelfth Night," "The History Boys," "Philadelphia, Here I Come!" and "Titus Andronicus." Ian performs various musical support duties in Robber & Thief, a band he shares with fellow cast member Erik Moody. And for everyone from the Southern Maine, he is indeed that guy in the Portland Jetport commercial.

Dominic Lavoie (Mac)
Dominic is from Madawaska, Maine and moved to Portland to pursue music. He has played in the band The Lucid since 2003. Dominic lives with his ravenous, redheaded girlfriend Kimble, and their uniquely slow, but special dog, the introspective Professor Albert Sniffered Snerdsly.
bill Doug Porter (Dirty Bill)
Doug was born in Bangor, ME and has lived in the state most of his life. He is a talented guitar player/multi-instrumentalist and is involved in several remarkable musical projects including Confusatron, Johnny Cremains, Book of the Dead, and The Watchers. He is an aspiring sound engineer and operates a "recording studio" out of his home he refers to as "The Loft," which he uses to record his own bands as well music for films. He is also a skilled barista and enjoys warm beverages, walks in the woods, soft fuzzy things, terrible B-movies, esoteric traditions, vegetarian burritos, and intrepid world travel. His heroes include Ezra Pound and Louis Armstrong. His dream is to be the first man on the moon. He currently lives in Portland.

Adam Cogswell (Louis Gilbert)
Adam works at Newbury Comics.  Adam plays drums in Confusatron, Book of the Dead, Man-Witch, and the Watchers. Adam has acted once, in first grade.  Adam has a cat named Eiko. Her picture is under "perfect cat" in every dictionary.  Adam might be a robot.
harry Todd Manter (Harrison Shaw)
Todd has lived and worked in Portland for more than 20 years. He is a self-employed businessman and entrepreneur with a passion for outdoor recreation and art. He has stage experience locally at The Sanford Maine Stage's "Dial M For Murder" and Running Over Productions' "Bury the Dead," "Bucket of Blood," and  "The Bigfoot Chronicles." This is Todd's first time working behind the lens and he would like to thank Barry and Karen Dodd for their marvelous organization, food, and direction. Also thanks to the crew for making it easy, and a big thank you to all of his friends and family who have helped him with his character and lines. King his one and only dog. A special thanks to the makeup crew for working tirelessly on the skin aging routine:  Four hours each time! He also would like to thank and say goodbye to the top four layers of the skin on his face. Last but not least, a huge thanks to his fiance, Lien Mai, who is so supportive and always there with a smile.
clelia Kathryn Coccyx (Madame Clelia)
Kathryn says thanks to the Dodd family and all those with The Entertainment Experiment. She's forever grateful to the stars that be for being involved with these people AND the people behind Running Over Productions, Page Street Studios, Abandoned Cinema, and Gitgo Productions. Being given the chance to use her imagination and play pretend is one of her favorite things to do on this planet!  A full-time warrior, mother, artist, sister, believer, and friend, Kathryn wants to send a special XOXO to Sugar BayBay, her rockin Manz (meow)! Jilly, and "all mein lieblings who shine their beautiful light.... Hi Mom!"  You can find her on Facebook.
vance Denis Fontaine (Vance Trundle)
Denis is a Gorham resident and has enjoyed being part of the Portland-area film and theater scene for the past few years. He has been a fixture in many musical, comedic, and dramatic efforts at various venues, such as Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," "Sweet Charity," "Cabaret," "Our Town," "Harvey," "1776," and many other productions. Denis has appeared in several 48 Hour Film Festival projects, assists with the University of Southern Maine film projects, and is a perennial Judge for the Maine Principals' Association One Act Play Festival. He extends thanks to all involved with the "Ragged Isle" project, and hopes that this series is enjoyed by all.
dan Erik Moody (Deputy Dan Therrien)
Erik has worked in films and theatrical productions in London, Los Angeles, and Portland, ME.  Erik is currently involved in a handful of audio projects in the Portland area:  He is the commercial voice for VIP Parts, Tires and Service. Erik is also an active member of MINT Films, which recently was awarded Best Film in Portland, ME for the international 48 Hour Film Project. Their film, A Bounty for Susannah, was screened at Filmapalooza in the Miami International Film Festival in March 2011. You can view some of Erik's work at his blog. Free downloads of his band, Robber & Thief, are available here.
rose-f Beth Saufler (Rose Fuller)
Beth lives in Bath, Maine with her husband, her son, and their wonderful white boxer, Ivan. She's originally from PA. She's been involved in theater for over 30 years now. She also has her own theater group at Georgetown Central School. She's been teaching for 30 some years and she's still loving it. This experience has been such a great adventure. She's thankful for the opportunity and loves "working with such CREATIVE folks."
gertie Suzanne Rankin (Gertie Kendrick)
Suzanne has been involved with many local theater groups, including Studio Theatre of Bath, Gaslight Theater, Maine State Music Theatre, Maine Acting Company, Round Top Center for the Arts, Lincoln County Community Theater, The Theatre Project, Boothbay Playhouse, and others. Suzanne lives with her husband, Tom, sharing time between homes in Wiscasset and Matinicus Island (which isn't all that far from the real Ragged Island!).

Amie E. Marzen (Julie Katsarakis)
Amie is very proud to be part of "Ragged Isle" and the ever-growing web series community. By day, Amie works for Easter Seals of Maine and volunteers with several area non-profits. However, by far her favorite thing to do is spend time with her husband and daughter and their furry family of quirky cats and giant dogs.

Christine Louise Marshall (Colleen Drake)
Christine is the Artistic Director of Mad Horse Theatre Company. She is a teacher and company member with The Maine State Ballet, and narrates the online version of The New Yorker. She works extensively in theatre and film throughout Maine. She thanks the Dodds for capturing on film what is so gorgeous about this state.

Mark D. Lennon (Gordon Manette)
Mark says that other than a few promotional videos for his band Twisted Roots, this is the first time he has appeared in anything. He very much enjoyed the experience and would like to thank the Dodds and the Dalton for allowing him in.
dylan Daniel Robert Clark (Dylan Strang)
Daniel was born in the wilds of northern Maine, but quickly got bored and migrated to Portland (via Connecticut) at the age of five. He's a writer, actor, comedian, reformed music journalist, and two-time college dropout. He's appeared on stage with Portland Players, Lyric Music Theater, and the infamous Running Over Productions, and on screen (briefly) in Andy Davis' Monster in the Woods.
mimi Mimi Sorg (Newscaster)
Mimi has been connected to the theatre for many years both in leading and supporting roles. She lives in Bath with her two dogs and enjoys time with her two grown sons. She is both a social worker in a local high school and the owner of Fit Mi In Coaching and assists others in finding their lifes purpose. In her spare time, you can often find her enjoying a night out at karaoke, or walking the beach in search of treasures.
seb Sebastian Carlsen (Sebastian Carlsen)
Sebastian was part of the original "Criehaven" project (the precursor to "Ragged Isle"), on the writing and production crew as well as an extra.  His claim to fame from that project was being referred to by the local newspaper as "random guy in turtleneck." He's done stand-up comedy for about six years and he loves long walks on the beach.

Brent Askari (Gus Hendershot)
Brent is a member of Mad Horse Theatre and the Stone Pinhead Ensemble. He played the role of "Simon" on Gitgo's web series, "Willard Beach." He was part of HBO's New Writers Project and has sold screenplays to several companies, including Paramount Pictures, Marvel Films, and Artisan Entertainment.
Krystal Kenville (Emma Dobson)
Krystal is a networker, actor, and writer. Some of her credits include Zookeeper, Strange Night, What's Your Number, and others. She has been making her mark in the Maine film community with her enthusiasm for filmmaking and people in general. Krystal works in film, radio, theater, television, and has led film competitions and festivals throughout Maine and New England.

Doughty (Agent Griggs)
Doughty is a Maine island native, a former lobsterman turned surgeon's assistant. He has been known to dabble in acting, writing, and directing, and has participated in such projects as Strange Night, The Road to Portage, Requital, Hero for a Day (there are a few surviving copies, much to his chagrin), and of course, Valcore Presents: Serious Business. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, acting, drinking (a LOT), and wrestling bears.

Benjamin Row (Agent Murphy)
Benjamin, a professional actor from the Portland area, is extremely grateful to be on the island. Besides frowning, discouraging happiness, and carrying files back and forth down hallways, he works and performs in the Portland theatre scene, both on and behind stage. Recent projects include: Paper Trail (Lead, Film), Shameless: The Musical (Mr. Scopes, World Premiere), You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (Snoopy), and The Man Who Came to Dinner (Beverly). He enjoys long walks on the beach and a soft bathroom tissue. @actorbenrow on Twitter!

Kathryn Perry (Agent Allison Thorne)
Kathryn is a writer and actress who has performed with Mad Horse Theatre Co., Lucid Stage, Studio Theatre of Bath, The Public Theatre, and the Freeport Shakespeare Festival. Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Boston Phoenix, Portland Magazine, and The Christian Science Monitor. She is currently working on her first screenplay, tentatively titled The Drowning Game.

Greg Tulonen (Dr. Brian Hoffman)
The head writer for "Ragged Isle," Greg writes novels and screenplays, short stories and comic books, web series and audio dramas, and an occasional play. You can find links to some of his other projects at his website, He live in Auburn, Maine with his wife and their two sons (both of whom can also be seen in "Ragged Isle," if you know where to look). Greg is not really an actor.
Justin C. St. Louis (Trevor Stebbins)
Justin is thrilled to be joining the cast of "Ragged Isle" and is grateful to Barry and the crew for this wonderful experience. He lives in Portland, Maine and is currently the managing director for the Studio Theatre of Bath. He has worn the hats of actor, director, producer, and designer for many theatrical productions throughout New England and Chicago. Justin received his B.A. in Criminology from the University of Southern Maine and is currently pursuing his MBA/JD.
Kevin Fogg (Passerby)
Kevin aspires for truth and self-virtue. He finds beauty and wisdom in the teachings of art and life. He loves his son, his friends, and all attempts at creative expression, and truly feels honored to support these gifts in any possible way. Sharing of one's gifts is a lesson he hopes to one day fully grasp, and if lucky enough, pass along. Inspiration is a blessing. He thanks his many friends and, most of all, his beloved son, Lyden.

Cathy Counts (Dr. Gail Monroe)
Delighted to be joining the cast of "Ragged Isle," Ms. Counts has never played the role of a doctor before, though she has played Nurse in "The Sunshine Boys" (a humiliatingly sexist role in a tight white uniform), as well as various nurses and nannies in everything from "Romeo & Juliet" to "Uncle Vanya." Her dear late mother, an ardent RN, would be pleased she has moved on to becoming an MD of sorts. Remember: FIRST DO NO HARM. SECOND....
Ehric Kettelhut (Boy #1)
Ehric loves to learn, to read, and trying new things. He's a Cub Scout, a 4H member, likes animals of all sorts, is really interested in beekeeping with his dad, and enjoys the outdoors. He's Aiden's big brother.
Aiden Kettelhut (Boy #2)
Aiden is a rough-and-tumble, outdoors-loving, hard-playing boy. He's Ehric's little brother.

Christina Boyington (Mary)
Born in Freeport Maine, Christina moved to Florida when she was 14. She has been acting, singing, and dancing her whole life. In 2007, she wanted a change of pace, so she moved back to Maine with her son, Xander. Now residing in Bath, Christina runs a hot dog cart in the summer at the waterfront and does theatre with the Studio Theatre Bath.
Kip Weeks (George Bridges)
Kip has revealed a gift for playing genial American everymen, often with an edge. He initially attained high-profile visibility with his depiction of Togo Railey, a basketball player, in Jerry Bruckheimer's inspirational sports drama, Glory Road (2006). Kip did an about-face and switched genres with his portrayal of a masked burglar who terrorizes a couple in Bryan Bertino's tense psychological thriller, The Strangers (2008). He was tapped to reprise the role in The Strangers 2. After several years in Los Angeles, Kip has returned to the northeast, which is where he calls home.
Bob Greeley (Edwin Cutler)
Bob has been seen in memorable roles in Studio Theater of Bath shows. Most recentl,y he was cast as Vernon Cookley in their take on "Exit the Body." He previously appeared as STOB's Fat Jack in "A Bad Day at Gopher's Breath" and as the Ghost of Jacob Marley in "Scrooge."
Shawn Reardon (Young Harrison Shaw)
Shawn is a native of Maine with B. A. in Theatre. He has done many stage shows, but this is his first, and hopefully not last, time on camera. Acting in films has been a lifelong dream of his and he is exceedingly excited to be filming. He would like to thank his wife for her support and the Dodd family for the opportunity to work on this project.
Michael Best (Phil Gerard)
Michael is a Portland-based actor who has enjoyed being a part of numerous theatrical productions all around the greater Portland area. He has worked with many theaters around town, including the Portland Players, Freeport Community Players, and Portland Stage Company. He is best known for rocking some serious zombie makeup for local cult faves Running Over Productions. ("Ragged Isle" is, interestingly, host to many of his former zombie horde comrades as well, which thrills him to no end!) Michael also enjoys spending free time on filming projects, zombielike or otherwise. Recent projects have included several 48-hour film fests, "Willard Beach," and the EPIC/Zany feature film, Scooter McGruder. He's super-psyched to be part of the "Ragged Isle" cast! When he's not rolling his trusty D20 with his nerd herd, he spends his after hours fanning his expectant wife with a palm frond (Woot! It's a girl!) and bringing her raspberry ice cream, served in a man's hat, of course.
Daniel Noel (Wilbur Henson)
Daniel is an affliliate artist at Portland Stage Co., and has acted professionally for more than 35 years. His extensive stage work includes Broadway, Lincoln Center, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Seattle Rep., and PS 122. He has been active in almost all forms of the entertainment medium, including ABC's "Loving," and many local films.
Lynne Otto (Agnes Maguire)
Lynne has been involved in theater for a long time, but this is the first time with film. It has been an interesting experience, and she has enjoyed meeting new people. She's married, and is a proud mom and Nana.

Vince Shatto (Elmer Stringfellow)
Vince is an active member of the Studio Theatre of Bath, appearing in many of their productions. His most memorable part is that of Henry II in "The Lion in Winter." Vince teaches Humanities at Bath Middle School in Bath. In his off time, he plans his next career move to Hollywood. "It doesn't matter how long it takes," he says. "Even though I'm 51 now, I know there is a movie producer out there waiting to sign me up." Vince hopes his appearance in "Ragged Isle" will propel him to the silver screen. His wife Gwen and his son Andy have found it best to humor him.
Jill Koufman (Ruby Dusante)
Jill feels super-blessed to be a participant in and a supporter of a phenominally creative community. She has been living in Maine for ten years and has had loads of fun being involved in cable access television, USM, Running Over Productions, belly dance, and burlesque performances, as well as some independent films as an actress and art director. She thanks the creators of "Ragged Isle" for inspiring her to complete at least one of her many unfinished projects. She also thanks "Mom and Chip, Jon, Kat, Springerella, and all my family and friends...xo."
Sophia Reed (Young Clelia)
Sophia, born and raised in Portland, Maine, was honored to have her first acting gig be with "Ragged Isle." Sophia is energetic and loves to run. When she's not busy honing her skills in grade school, she likes to spend her time playing with her dog, Falkor, and Star Wars Legos on the PS3. She hopes to find herself with many more acting opportunities, as she has been bitten by the acting bug.
Allison Gray (Young Rose Fuller)
Allison is a labor and delivery RN, and got her first 15 minutes of fame while on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" a few years ago. Her family lives on a growing farm in Freeport, with chickens and horses on the way. She's really honored to be a part of this project!

Barry Dodd (Director / Editor / Writer)
Barry lives in Gorham with his wife Karen and their six cats: Igor, Rasputin, Barnabas, Damien, Quentin, and Boo. He's still not quite sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but he's convinced there's still time left to figure that out. Barry wishes to thank everyone who has helped "Ragged Isle" become a reality. "Thanks for believing in the dream!"

Karen Dodd (Assistant Director / Writer)
Karen lives in Gorham with her husband Barry and many lovely cats. She is co-owner of the Entertainment Experiment and studied Film Production, Photography, and Anthropology at Ithaca College. "This project is near and dear to my heart, as are all of the exceptional people involved. Thank you all."

Greg Tulonen (Head Writer / Actor)
See Greg's bio in the Cast section.

Rick Dalton (Writer / Actor)
See Rick's bio in the Cast section.

Jacob "Jake" Lear (Writer / Prop & Poster Designer)
Jake has worked in the graphic design field for the past 16 years -- at newpapers, print shops, ad agencies, corporate marketing departments, and freelancing. He lives in South Portland, where, when he's not working, he's at the beck and call of his two newfoundlands, Brodie and Gatsby. He writes: "The story goes that, at age five, on the first day of kindergarten, Barry and I decided to be best friends. We did, after all, have the same sneakers on, which is as good a basis for a 30-year friendship as any, I suppose. Outside of playing around, our first real project together was a play we wrote in fifth grade, 'The Search for Hope.' It was cheesy and funny, and we were invited to perform it for the whole school. Years later and we're still, in large part, just small town boys having some fun."

Derek Kimball (Camera Operator)
In addition to completing three features and countless short films of every genre, Derek has freelanced as a cinematographer and editor for a plethora of clientele, including Discovery Channel. His short film, The Bully, won Best Narrative Film at the Carolina Film and Video Festival 2011. He recently completed work on his first feature-length film, Neptune.

David C. Miller (Camera Operator)
David is a Portland-based director, editor, and cinematographer. He has a degree in film from SMCC. David is the co-president of the film company, Gothninja LTD. Previous film work with Gothninja LTD includes: Flush, A Very Careful Man, Heart's Ajar, and Son Rise, which recently has played in five festivals, including the Maine International Film Fest and the Portland Film-Chowdah Festival, where it won Best Director and Best Narrative. Gothninja LTD has recently co-produced a number of films, including, but not limited to, The Call, Speak to Me, and Time and Redemption. When David isn't on a film set, you can most certainly find him on a Ultimate Frisbee field somewhere. David came on board the "Ragged Isle" crew as a fan. He was extremely excited about the first season, and was very grateful to be able to help out in seasons two and three. He feels that "Ragged Isle" is something very rare and it is a true privilege to be involved. His only regret is being unable to avoid seeing spoilers while filming instead of waiting for the posted episodes!

Artie Fischer (Sound)
Artie runs Tea First Records in Portland, Maine, works on a ton of music and sound projects, and picks apples.

Jim Begley (Sound Design and Audio Post Mixer)
Jim is a Portland-based freelance recording engineer/producer and mastering engineer with over 15 years experience. He has recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced local albums of varying styles and genres, and has worked on hundreds of radio and television commercials. In the past few years, Jim has moved into the film world, working as sound designer and audio post mixer on more than 18 nationally broadcast documentaries with Lone Wolf Documentary Group. The majority of Jim's work is done at The Studio in downtown Portland, Maine. In addition, he also works as a live-sound engineer and is the production manager at local music venue Port City Music Hall. Jim lives on the peninsula with his sassy wife Jennifer and eight-year-old son Owen.

Eric Anderson (Special Effects)
Eric is an award-winning special effect artist working out of Southern Maine with his FX group, The Shoggoth Assembly. He's worked on several New England film and stage productions, wrangling sticky gore, tentacled aliens, hairy monsters, "unnatural" pregnancies, and once even a "breast shish kabob," He's happy to let you imagine that last one on your own.

Grayling E. Cunningham (Hairstylist)
Grayling been a stylist for since 1994. He is the creative director of Orbit Hairstyling in Lewiston. He is also an artist, painter, and hair sculptor.

Lucy Adolphson (Makeup)
Lucy has been a consultant with Mary Kay since October 2003, and very much enjoys it. This is her second time working with this crew: She also had the pleasure of providing makeup services for their "Criehaven" production in 2005.