"Ragged Isle" would not exist without the generous donations of hundreds of fans and supporters.

You can continue to support the show by purchasing an item from the Ragged Isle Store. Proceeds will offset production and post-production costs. You can also contribute directly to the show by clicking on the "donate" link below.

In the fall of 2011, we were out of money, but still striving to finish shooting seasons two and three. We launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $3,000 needed to complete production.

The following people who contributed to that campaign helped us not only meet, but exceed our goal. They have our eternal gratitude.

Ragged Isle Heroes Wall

Lucy Adolphson
Chad Anderson
Amanda Bauer
Joyce Blakney
Michael Caruso
Michael Cline
Theresa Cline
Martin Dionne
Mary Dionne
Kay Dodd
Melissa Duron
Leo Edwards
Mike Fox
Bradley Fraser
Allison Gray
Jennifer Hagopian
Gillian Hall
Torrey Ham
From The Hip Creations
Mike Kamin
Brian Q. Kelley
Krystal Kenville
Jill Koufman
Douglas Lakota
Jacob Lear
Chi Lee
Bobbie Lindsey
Jeffrey McMahan
Jason Meservey
Sonia Nairne
Margo Peterson
Joseph Rodriguez
Benjamin Row
Kimberly Sanders
Will Stewart
Stacy Strang
Doctor Trouble
Greg Tulonen
Joanne Tulonen
G A Williams
Janet Wyble